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1. Book Online

Free pick up & delivery service can only be scheduled online. Once you complete your pickup request, we will call you within 24 hours to confirm the date and time. A $35 non-refundable deposit will be required prior to pick up. Once service is complete your deposit will be applied to your bill as a credit and an invoice for the balance due will be emailed or text to you which you can pay via. the link within the invoice. For electric bike & scooter services involving electrical issues e.g., power failure, error codes, etc. a non-refundable diagnostic fee of $75 will be required in advance of service. Once service is complete the fee will be applied to your bill as a credit.

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2. Pick Up

Our specially equipped service van will pick up your bike at the agreed upon date and time.

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3. Repair

Our team of maintenance experts will give your ride the attention to detail that it deserves and fine tune your setup to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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4. Delivery

We bring your bike back in tip top shape, spic and span, and ready to roll! Depending on the number of bikes we've got in our shop, you can expect to see your buddy again within 10 business days.

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5. Our Service Areas

We offer "Free Pick-up & delivery service for all of Essex County including Harrison, Hillside, & Vauxhall Townships. In addition, we offer expanded pick-up service for electric bikes & electric scooters for the areas listed below for a nominal fee. (This fee will not be applied to your bill and is non-refundable)

  • Union County               $35
  • Morris County              $50
  • Hudson County           $50
  • Bergen County             $75
  • Passaic County           $75
  • Somerset County        $75
  • New York City              $125
  • Essex County               FREE
  • Hillside Township        FREE
  • Harrison Township      FREE

Schedule a Pick Up Online 24 Hours a Day!