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A collaboration of Vee Tire`s Chicane tire with SE Racing`s love of vintage styling Tread features a bmx style rounded profile block tread with shallow siping for improved bite Available in a variety of vintage styled colorways with tan sidewalls reminiscent of yesteryear
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$19.99 - $29.99
A collaboration between Vee Tire and SE racing offer a classic BMX style street tread with a bit of SE Racing`s vintage styling
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A collaboration between Vee Tires and SE Racing featuring Vee`s popular Speedster tread with a vintage inspired colorway Tread pattern features a honeycomb center with densly packed and siped small knobs extending to the shoulder with a round overall profile. Featured on SE Racing`s Big Ripper 29" BMX bike
$14.99 - $23.99
RhinoDillo tire liner's prevents thorns and other road debris from puncturing the inner tube and deflating the tire & because tire liners must overlap due to variance of the actual interior diameters of a given size of tire, there has always been an edge that is exposed to the tube. Over time, this edge sometimes wears a hole into the tube and actually causes exactly the problem tire liners were made to prevent! We've solved this problem with our new Soft-Tips™. Instead of the potentially sharp, cut edge of hard polyurethane facing your tube, RhinoDillos™ with Soft-Tips™ now show a soft side - literally! Problem resolved.
Maxxis Maxxis Hookworm Tire: 29 x 2.50
Maxxis Hookworm (Wire) If you're into urban sessions, rocking the park and maybe even hitting the ramps, the Maxxis' Hookworm is pretty much the only tire to have. This urban assault specialist features a wrap-around tread for awesome durability and traction. Plus, the huge air volume softens even the biggest of drops. The Hookworm is the perfect tire for tackling the urban environment, with a fast rolling tread design and outstanding durability. Knurled tread with siping provides great traction for braking and cornering Bead to bead tread delivers additional durability and cornering grip Intended use: flat, park, street, vert Single rubber compound for longevity and performance Use of sealants with this tire will void the warrant
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