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Spoke Skins Spoke Skins are the alternative to the expensive cost of powder coating. Not to mention the hassle of unlacing and re-lacing your wheels. With our Spoke Skins there is no unlacing,they do not chip, fade, or come off easily and they are easy to install. This is also a great way to cover up those rusty old spokes. The Spoke Skins are easy to clean with soap and water and can also withstand a pressure washer. These dirt bike spoke skins do not fly off and will help keep the mud from gathering on your spokes. These motocross accessories are removable and seams can be closed by using a hot air gun. With each set of Spoke Skins for your dirt bike, you will receive with 38 Spoke Skins for the front and 38 Spoke Skins for the rear. The Spoke Skins come with a non-visible slit which allows you to install them without unlacing your wheels. It is recommended that you find the length of your spokes when beginning, the skins are usually a little longer on some that way you can trim them down to fit properly. Please keep in mind that not all hubs are the same length on both sides so check both sides prior to trimming to be sure to fit correctly. These motocross parts come in a wide variety of colors to match whatever dirt bike you have and are made in the U.S.A! Give your dirt bike a customized look and pick up a set of these Spoke Skins today! Features: •Each Set comes with 38 skins for front, 38 skins for rear •Install and remove in minutes •Can easily be trimmed to the correct spoke size or create your own custom design! •Made in the USA (SOME COLORS MAY NOT BE SHOWN PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU DO NOT SEE A COLOR YOU NEED)
$5.00 - $10.00
•Full lever grip that protects the entire lever and your body in a freak accident •Insulates the lever from extreme cold •Makes the lever easy to reach and grab offering unique modulation •Protects the lever from scratching other bikes and from damaging the lever itself •Stays sticky in inclement weather
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